10 week self defense academy

F.I.S.T. – Self Defense Academy

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The F.I.S.T. self-defense program is designed to be highly effective in real world situations where your survival is on the line. F.I.S.T. was created from experience in related fields such as Law Enforcement, close quarter combat techniques and Martial Arts with further extensive study on the psychology of criminal intent and realistic self-defense. This system was designed with the sole purpose of personal safety and defense.

This cutting-edge system is a comprehensive and highly effective self-defense system utilizing what actually works in a real-life combat situation. This system will drastically raise an individual’s ability to defend and even out think an attacker. This system was designed to change the way we think and train when it comes to the reality of self-defense. The F.I.S.T. system has been greatly influenced by real-world experience and in-depth and ongoing research.

What To Expect

The program has been designed to benefit everyone regardless of their age, sex, experience or current physical condition. There is an emphasis put on safety, structure and effective self defense. F.I.S.T. has been created with one purpose in mind, the student. A program that’s safe, exciting and effective is a program that everyone can do.

F.I.S.T. is NOT structured like a martial art system. The training and structure are in an Academy format. This program and its approach to self defense is cutting edge and like nothing you have ever seen before. It’s an empowering program for those who desire to learn real world self defense.

  • Survival Skills
  • Close Quarter Combat
  • Escapes
  • Strikes
  • Scenario Training Drills
  • Weapons
  • Assertiveness
  • Confidence
  • Deadly Force Situations
  • Psychology of Defense
  • Stranger Awareness
  • Abductions

Fees for F.I.S.T. Training

Class meets every Monday & Wednesday evening at 6:15 PM

Only $99.99 a month for six months
OR One payment of $ 550.00 total of 48 Classes!

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