Martial Arts Styles

Martial Arts Styles:


Kenpo keeps its techniques direct and to the point, avoiding anything that may give a dangerous opponent a second chance. Kenpo addresses the self defense problems of our modern world.

Mr. Ed Parker introduced Kenpo to the United States in 1954, using modern scientific principles, coupled with the basic laws of nature, to make Kenpo innovative, logical and effective. Kenpo is designed to develop fast reactions by combining small circular motions with straight line strikes in a non-stop succession of techniques.

Shorin Ryu

Shorin Ryu is one of the oldest and most respected of the martial arts styles. Developed in Okinawa, it was a forbidden practice by the Japanese, who ruled the Okinawans. Many practiced in secrecy, stating that they were simply dancing not practicing a martial art. Armed with only farm tools, they fought off and defeated many Samurai warriors who were supposed to be the elite fighters anywhere in the world.


Jujitsu, known as the most effective grappling art of our time. Relying on close-in fighting, Jujitsu shows you how to put your opponent into a grappling hold that renders them helpless to commit any kind of counter-attack.