December 2013 Newsletter

Wise Words from Sifu Rick!

“Humility, one becomes great when he comes to the realization that what he knows is very little.”
Ed Parker


  • Friday 12/13/13at  6:30 pm,  Belt Test (Little & Junior Dragons)
  • Adult Belt Saturday  12/14/13  at  11:00am in Class
  • Saturday 12/7/13 18th annual Holiday party and Shopping day

*** Saturday 12/14/13 One day survival Self Defense class 12 to 4 PM ***

Black Belt Pride

December 2013 Student of the Month

Cody Allen
Cody Started with AASD in July of 2011. At first Cody Struggled with many of the basics and technique. Through pure determination and hard work, Cody has blossomed into a very intense martial artist and child.

Always giving 100%, Cody sets an example for others to emulate. Sifu Rick wishes to salute not only Cody, but his parents as well, Karen and Bill, for all their support. Job well done all.


— noun — The position or function of a leader, a person who guides or directs a group. What kind of people do you think can be leaders? Some believe that only people in powerful positions have the opportunity to lead a group. The truth is everyone can be leaders regardless of your age or the position you are in. It is important to understand that leadership can be carried out in both a  positive and negative way. We should always strive to be positive leaders and seek to inspire the lives of others. Your parents, teachers and coaches can help you make the right decision when practicing leadership. Make sure to apply your martial arts principles to everything you do, even outside of your school. These principles hold great value and will continue to help you grow as students and most importantly, leaders.

What are some things you do to show your leadership skills?

Get in the Spirit!

No matter what holiday you celebrate, this is a special time of year that is enjoyed by many! Whether celebrated with great food, gifts, festivities or friends and family, there is most
definitely something to be excited about. Check out some of the holidays celebrated this month.

  • Hanukkah – Nov 27-Dec 5
  • International Children’s Day – Dec 9
  • Bake Cookies Day – Dec 18
  • Christmas Day – Dec 25

Whatever you celebrate, make sure you make it an unforgettable day and have some fun!

Memorable (Noun) \mem-o-ra-ble\

Definition: Worth being remembered or noted; remarkable.

Example: Belt testing day was a memorable experience for the students, parents and instructors.

Throughout life, we are going to have numerous experiences that help us become the person we are meant to be. It is all about creating memorable experiences that matter most. Make sure your martial arts experience, from start to finish, is a memorable one. Make good friends, learn new techniques and above all else, make great memories. What are some ways you can make the most of your martial arts experience.

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