February 2014 Newsletter

Wise Words from Sifu Rick!

It is not the size of a man, but the size of fear that has been the cause of many a defeat!


  • Saturday 2/8/14 Leadership class all Black Belt club 8:00am members.
  • Friday 2/21/14 Little & Junior Dragon Belt Test 6:30pm.
  • Saturday 2/22/14 Adult Belt test 11:00am.
  • New 10week COBRA Academy 1/27/14 through 4/1/14!

Black Belt Pride

nolanFebruary 2014 Student of the Month

Nolan Williams
Nolan Williams is the student of the month for February 2014. Nolan Started training with AASD in May of 2013. Watching his brother Jackson train for a while Nolan just couldn’t resist. Always with a smile on his face Nolan can be counted on to bring joy and laughter to every class.

Nolan enjoys many aspects of training however the most enjoyable is sparring, especially with his brother Jackson, go figure.

Sifu Rick & staff would like to salute Nolan’s parents, Joe and Kim for all their support of not only Nolan and brother Jackson, but of our Black Belt School as well.

Recognizing Abuse

Witnessing cruel or violent behavior toward a person, place, or thing. Are you familiar with the word abuse? Are you aware of what being abused looks like? Abuse can be cast upon almost anything. There are a many forms of abuse that can equally have the same negative effect. Abuse can be portrayed through your words, actions, thoughts and attitude. Are you not sure how to identify abuse or when to speak up and seek help? Talking with your parents, teachers and instructors will help you determine abuse in all its forms. Remember, striving to be and do what is right is always the answer. You have the power to prevent someone from being bullied and abused by simply using your voice.

What does abuse look like to you?

Admirable (Adjective) \ad-mi-ra-ble\

Definition: Deserving respect and approval.
Example: The admirable martial arts student’s listened to their instructor during class.

Get ready for some guessing fun! Circle the synonyms of the word “admirable” below.
Praiseworthy | Disrespectful | Negative| Valuable | Wonderful

Let’s see how you did! The correct synonyms for admirable are praiseworthy, valuable and wonderful. Always strive to be a model student and naturally, admiration will follow.

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