January 2014 Newsletter

Wise Words from Sifu Rick!

Friendship should not be based on what a person was, but what he or she is or can become!
Ed Parker


  • Saturday 1/4/14 Leadership class all Black Belt club members.
  • Saturday 1/18/14 One day survival Self Defense class 12 to 5PM
  • Saturday 1/25/14 Annual Boot Camp Class 10:00am till 11:30pm.

Black Belt Pride

91320 karateJanuary 2014 Student of the Month

Karli Bartlett
Karli Started with AASD in June of 2012. Joined by her two brothers Sifu Justin and Ryan, Karli has really come along as far as mastering the forms and positive attitude.

Always giving 100% Karli not only is mastering her forms but understands the most important question is class, WHY not just how! Currently a purple belt, Karli is well on her way to blue belt and eventually the prestigious Black Belt.

Sifu Rick wishes to salute Karli’s parents Mat and Denise for all their support of Karli and our Black Belt school.

December 2013 Belt Promotions

Yellow Belts Green Belts
Carson Dakrroob John Kaczman
Ry Kawashina Jhonas Pinkard
Claire Rong Sathya Rajesh
Connor Saye Jackson Williams
Orange Belts 3rd Brown Belts
Hannah Luithly Cody Allen
Shirya Rajesh  
America Wisot 2nd Brown Belts
Yoav Asher
Purple Belts Farhan Khan
Logan Harris Rayhan Khan
Dylan Knorr Noah Padbury
Shannon Knorr Kai Seta
Luke O’Neill  
1std Brown Belts
Blue Belts Caitlin Shaw
Karen Allen

Charlie Harris

John Pywell
Luke Yered

Determination — noun —

the process of establishing something; firmness of purpose. They all say we need it or that it is important to have, but what exactly is determination? Having determination means putting your best effort toward a goal to make it happen. Where does that effort come from? Well, it can come from a variety of different areas. Perhaps your friends and family motivate you to put forth your best effort. It may even be your martial arts instructor or school teacher who helps you develop the determination it takes to make your dreams come true. No matter who or what motivates you, let the determination you develop shine in all that you do.

Talk about the people and life experiences you have had that helped you discover your determination.


There is so much to be celebrated come the first of the year! This is also the perfect time of year to set new goals. Can you think of some things you would like to achieve in this next year? If you have not made a goals list, it is not too late to get one started. Here are a few categories to help you create your list:

  • Eating healthy
  • Exercising
  • Making good grades
  • Being responsible

These are just a few areas to get you started, but there are several other categories to explore to help you create your list. Set yourself up for success and set some goals for the New Year!

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