November 2013 Newsletter

Wise Words from Sifu Rick!

“What counts is not the number of hours you put in, but what you put into the hours!”


  • Friday 12/13/13at  6:30 pm,  Belt Test (Little & Junior Dragons)
  • Adult Belt Saturday  12/14/13  at  11:00am in Class.
  • Saturday 11/2/13 Leadership Class 8:00am.
  • Saturday 12/7/13 18th annual Holiday party and Shopping day.

Black Belt Pride

November 2013 Student of the Month

Luke Knight
Luke started with our school in November of 2012. At times Luke seems to struggle with new material, however through the third principle of Black Belt (perseverance) Luke seems to over come any obstacle.

Always trying 100% Luke can be counted on to set an example for others to emulate. Luke seems to enjoy all training, and especially sparring, in which he seems to have been improving greatly.

Sifu Rick wishes to salute not only Luke but his Dad (Mike) along with Luke’s Grand parents for all their support.

Promotions October 2013

Orange Belts 3rd Brown Belts
Will Ghoston Jack Lagerquist
Grant Luithly Chris Navratil
Cristian Ruiz Tom Navratil
KJ Toki
2nd Brown Belts
Purple Belts Jack O’Neill
Dakota Barbi
Brooke Bingham 1st Brown Belts
Alan Arreaga
Blue Belts Natalie Arreaga
Cameron Scott Isis Dickman
Mert Hamsioglu
Green Belts Preston Sanders
Braden Johnson
Jackson Moore

Happy Turkey Day!

This holiday is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November in the United States. A fun fact about Thanksgiving is although most families have turkey, the first Thanksgiving did not have turkey as part of the meal. There are a lot of delicious food options for Thanksgiving dinner and it is interesting to hear about what other families eat. Does your family serve any of the traditional dishes below?

  • Green bean casserole
  • Turkey and stuffing/dressing
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Ham

Chow down, be thankful, and have a


noun — The effect or outcome of something. There is always an outcome for everything we do in life. Whether good or bad, every action calls for a result. It is important we all understand that pursing good deeds are going to bring us positive results. With that said, we must also understand the negativity that comes with pursuing bad deeds. Make sure you have positive people in your life that bring out your best results. These people can be your parents, teachers, classmates and more. In order to produce our best work and see great results we must have great people in our lives to help guide us. Have you ever heard the saying “Practice makes perfect?” Although this may come off as a generic pick-me-up, the statement holds true value. We have to work for the things we want out of life and we have to work hard to see our desired results. So, what are some things you are working at in hopes of good results?

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